About Us

About Us

The Surge Network is a multimedia network specialised in video gaming and consumer multimedia technology. Our network is split across two divisions; primarily one is our gaming clan and the other concentrates on consumer multimedia technology.


This division is aimed at gaming in which our clan physically play in public lobbies, e-sports and MLG. Aside we also showcase digital content in the form of live and recorded gameplay via Twitch and YouTube, sharing news, tutorials and reviews via our blog and YouTube channel. Most of us love to indulge in video games whether it be online or single player. What if we helped you feel more immersed? We will recommend unique new setups and technical devices/games for you to luxuriate in. One of our strongholds is that we love helping gamers have a voice when they aren’t happy with an aspect of the game. If many people believe in the same problem, game developers and publication companies won’t listen to individuals complaining, whereas coming together as a larger body has a greater chance of being listened to.

Consumer Multimedia Technology

The other division concentrates on the creation of digital content outside gaming covering other consumer technology such as Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, computers, home network equipment etc, smart home gadgets, smart wearables and accessories. Our focus here is to share high-quality video tutorials, reviews, news and blogs about the latest software/hardware technologies increasing your knowledge of a product and helping you decide your next tech fulfilled purchase. We can’t get enough of tech, and we are so happy to share our experience thoughts with you. We’re full-on geeks and there’s nothing we’re ashamed about it. All of the reviews and tutorials are explained as simply as possible whilst still covering all the important details. There are no biased reviews as we still like our audience to make their own decision at the end of the day. However, we will share our final verdict weighing the pros and cons and will let you know what alternatives exist.

Our Members

A Brief History

June 2010

1) Hero and Sonic play Call of Duty: World At War Zombies mode for the first time

December 2010

2) Sonic meets a new group of gamers through college friends

January 2011

3) Sonic introduces new players to one another

June 2011

4) W!N Clan Formed

November 2011

5) Sonic takes role as Co-leader of W!N

January 2012

6) Creation of coloured sqaud clan accounts (R3D, GR33N and BLU3)

March 2012

7) Sonic becomes leader of W!N

December 2012

8) Some clan members disband because others didn’t want to pursue with the latest CoD releases

August 2014

9) Sonic & Hero form TSN with current members

February 2015

10) Reconnected with departed members to reform a strong clan

October 2015

11) Creation of TSN YouTube channel

December 2016

12) Joined Twitch and began live streaming

May 2017

13) Creation of TSN website

How It All Began

Hero as a kid started playing video games back in the late 90s, Nintendo and the Original Xbox. He never owned a PlayStation until he was 13. Of course having played split-screen with sonic on some iconic games growing up, this was not very often as they lived quite far apart. However, made the most of Operation desert storm and Medal of Honor when the opportunity presented itself.

Then the online world started to make its mark on the teenage generation, hero would actively play Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Modern warfare 2 with sonic back in 2009. This allowed us to talk with some awesome people, make friendships and create moments that would be remembered forever.

The W!N clan was made, it started off as few of us but later grew into a strong clan with could have had great potential. As the clan got bigger the Call of Duty franchise got worse, but still we kept our heads high and played for fun and sometimes competitively.

World at War was released and Nazi Zombies was born, it took off so well and became another iconic factor of the clan. Hero & Sonic would play for hours learning new ways to survive longer. More DLC was released and more zombie maps we are released. By this time, it was known worldwide.

The clan got bigger and we met more people, people had different opinions and this sparked debate. Some left and others stayed, so we made colour codes to help us identify each other with a unique made e.g. BLU3-HACKER or GR33N-LEGEND.

When Modern Warfare 3 was released and this changed how we played as a clan. COD Elite allowed us to compete with other clans on PS3, but only premium members could earn XP, this was challenging at times, since only Hero and a few others were premium pass holders. Hours of game-play spent achieving clan XP during Hero's late teenage years.

Later on in 2013 and early 2014, W!N disbanded and some players went their own way, Leaving only a few of the originals. The COD franchise was going downhill, but Sonic & Hero came up with an idea with rebuild what was left of W!N and call it TSN.

Therefore TheSurgeNetwork was created, although a break was put in place to allow time for those who left make a comeback. This was effective, however something are better left alone. Those who stayed were loyal to the clan and memories behind it.

Hero was busy with his studies & working part time jobs, eventually catching onto the idea of a business opportunity late 2015 with TSN. Sonic having more time put more hours into creating a YouTube & twitch channel. Hero became more involved with the idea of streaming and creating petitions to spread the message of was known as a good franchise.

Hero has now finished his studies but continues to stay loyal to TSN and Sonics newfound ideas. After achieving most in his personal life, hero sets plans for starting a website. After hours of market research, Sonic & Hero choose a domain and theme for the website through WordPress.

Mid 2017, Sonic and Hero reach 100 followers on twitch, release their first well thought out petition "The Future of Call of Duty" which caught the attention of over 250 people, however more work needed to be done before the website was finished.







Sonic & Hero have been friends since birth, and despite not spending their early gaming careers playing together, the innovation of the internet and online multiplayer with VoIP (microphone chat) has kept them best of gaming buddies.

Sonic was introduced to gaming at a young age playing games Batman and Prince of Persia on the Sega Game Master, and PC games such as Lego, Microsoft Flight Simulator and ?? to name a few.

Unfortunately Sonic missed out on the first generation of the Sony PlayStation console that he currently plays. He was told by parents that having a games console would distract him from school studies and that he wouldn't create any friendship groups outside of school sitting in front of tjeTV screen. After lots of persuasion he proved himself whearthy that he could balance school and playing the PS2 after completing homework in the evening (it seem to be the norm in those days). The PS2 became Sonic's digital entetainment for several years, and was some of best and frustrating gaming events ever.

The PS2 was the console that Sonic collected the most games as manufacturing costs of the DVD-ROMS were relatively cheap and the fact that no internet connection was required to constantly keep the game updated with numerous patches we see today. However, new games still costed a considerable amount and when Sonic's friends had access to the game and he didn't, it left him feeling jealous. Secretly there was a product on the gaming black market called SwapMagic?? that allowed cloned copies of games to be played and it involved forcefully ejecting the disc tray without the system knowing. Unfortunately Sonic did come close to snapping the disc tray...

Because there was an age certification on games Sonic didn't find it much of a restriction and got into games like Lara Croft, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and James Bond that were targeted towards the older age groups. His first real achievement was when he reached 100% in GTA: San Andreas without any cheats!

Of course the majority of games players played back in those days were big single player titles with some often including split-screen so you can play up to 4 or 8 players of a single TV. Unfortunately because Hero and Sonic never lived anywhere near each other we never played any kind of multiplayer. It wasn't until they both got PS3's (hero bought the PS3 a good year or 2 before sonic did)