About Us

About Us

The Surge Network is a multimedia network specialised in video gaming and consumer multimedia technology. Our network is split across two divisions; primarily one is our gaming clan and the other concentrates on consumer multimedia technology.


This division is aimed at gaming in which our clan physically play in public lobbies, e-sports and MLG. Aside we also showcase digital content in the form of live and recorded gameplay via Twitch and YouTube, sharing news, tutorials and reviews via our blog and YouTube channel.

Most of us love to indulge in video games whether it be online or single player. What if we helped you feel more immersed? We will recommend unique new setups and technical devices/games for you to luxuriate in.

One of our strongholds is that we love helping gamers have a voice when they aren’t happy with an aspect of the game. If many people believe in the same problem, game developers and publication companies won’t listen to individuals complaining, whereas coming together as a larger body has a greater chance of being listened to.

Consumer Multimedia Technology

The other division concentrates on the creation of digital content outside gaming covering other consumer technology such as Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, computers, home network equipment etc, smart home gadgets, smart wearables and accessories. Our focus here is to share high-quality video tutorials, reviews, news and blogs about the latest software/hardware technologies increasing your knowledge of a product and helping you decide your next tech fulfilled purchase.

We can’t get enough of tech, and we are so happy to share our experience thoughts with you. We’re full-on geeks and there’s nothing we’re ashamed about it. All of the reviews and tutorials are explained as simply as possible whilst still covering all the important details. There are no biased reviews as we still like our audience to make their own decision at the end of the day. However, we will share our final verdict weighing the pros and cons and will let you know what alternatives exist.