Our History

Our History

June 2010

1) Hero and Sonic play Call of Duty: World At War Zombies mode for the first time

December 2010

2) Sonic meets a new group of gamers through college friends

January 2011

3) Sonic introduces new players to one another

June 2011

4) W!N Clan Formed

November 2011

5) Sonic takes role as Co-leader of W!N

January 2012

6) Creation of coloured sqaud clan accounts (R3D, GR33N and BLU3)

March 2012

7) Sonic becomes leader of W!N

December 2012

8) Some clan members disband because others didn’t want to pursue with the latest CoD releases

August 2014

9) Sonic & Hero form TSN with current members

February 2015

10) Reconnected with departed members to reform a strong clan

October 2015

11) Creation of TSN YouTube channel

December 2016

12) Joined Twitch and began live streaming

May 2017

13) Creation of TSN website