Finding the Cause of a Leaking Roof

If you’re looking for the cause of a leaking roof, it is important to keep in mind that water cannot travel upwards, so any leaking you see is downward of its source. Water may travel a very long distance through layers of roofing felt, shingles, and underlayment before finding its way into your roof. When it does, it may cause the roof to crack, lift off the foundation, or cause leaks in other areas as well. Even the smallest leaks can cause significant damage, making roof leak repair an essential part of your home improvement projects. The more common types of water damage to a roof include:

Roof Leak Repair

The most common cause of leaking roofs is the failure of gutters and down pipes, which carry rainwater away from the house. While these components can be replaced, the best solution is to prevent them from breaking down the first place. This means using a gutter system and an automatic rain drain at the correct location.

If the rain gutter is not located on the outside of your house, it is most likely too large for the area of your roof. In this case, you may need to add another gutter to the inside of your house. It is possible that your gutter and rain drain have already broken down, but this will require a roof leak repair professional to replace the components for you. For a small roof leak repair, the addition of additional materials can be quite costly and time consuming, especially if you have a large gutter.

Another main roof leak is caused by shingles. A typical ceiling leak that occurs on the inside of a home is caused by either shingle caving in or failing to hold moisture in. While this may seem like an issue that has already occurred, it can often take a couple of years for this to occur. If you notice that your roof seems to be leaking more often than normal, it may be time to have it inspected.

A third main cause of roof leak is a failure in the rain gutter. Rain gutter clog can often be the result of dirt collecting inside the gutter. This is a simple repair that can be done by a roof leak repair professional. If the gutter is blocked, a simple solution can be to clear away debris with a squeegee and a brush, or a pumice stone.

Regardless of which cause of the leak you choose, you should be able to find the necessary tools and equipment for roof repair in your local area. Whether your leaking is caused by a gutter clog, a roof leak or something else, there is a product that is designed to fix it right now.