We were intrigued and inspired about livestreaming and creating videos, so we decided to join the bandwagon and created our own platform. If only we had capture devices six years ago with this idea, we would have been famous by now….

We have a variety of content we think is suitable for our audiences around the globe. As two UK PlayStation/PC streamers, we will promise to provide a fun and engaging Livestream via our Twitch channel. You will find that 50% of our network derives from producing content for our Twitch and YouTube channel and there is nothing better than for us to share that with you.

Members of TSN will be discussing popular topics regarding the development of games and forthcoming technology that you wish was in your gaming rig.

We like to vary our content by playing a variety of games including some of the classics, which seem to be less saturated, and this practically gives us exclusivity. Have you ever noticed that other live streams have cluttered and chaotic screens, this is where we have tried to break the boundaries by displaying all the important information on the outside of the game capture window making our streams more professional.

The best thing about having an audience is getting you all involved and a good example of this would be when Sonic asked the viewers for ridiculous and crazy create-a-classes to use on Modern Warfare 3. We have met 80% of our followers while playing games and this creates a good atmosphere for viewers and allows that social aspect to be integrated into our streams, which could then be made into a montage for our YouTube channel.


Our lives are indulged around the world of IT and technology and we have become our own experts with the gadgets we use daily. We have found short cuts to save time and increase product workflow.

We have expertise in a variety of categories covering both software and hardware technologies, therefore we would like to share our skills in these areas by eliminating the technical jargon and simplifying your understanding of modern technology. Any technical word used we will highlight and link to a glossary.

These are the following categories that we provide advice on with a couple examples.

These are the areas we cover,

  • We show you how to record/live stream game-play whilst simultaneously capturing in-game voice chat.
  • How to back-up your game saves to a USB memory stick/mass storage
  • Show you more ways to preserve battery life
  • Organise apps using a more advanced home launcher such as Nova Launcher to group similar apps into folders
  • Allow standard users to delete shortcuts from the desktop without administration rights
  • Hide the ‘folders’ section from This PC in Windows File Explorer
  • How to use Windows Calculator to do non-typical conversions such as converting imperial weight to kilos
  • How to use the terminal to configure programs as not everything has a graphic user interface
  • We will show you the networking side of UNIX used on third party routers such as OpenWRT.
  • How to applications into folders so that you can launch similar apps from the launch bar
  • How to move Mac’s Home Folder to a new location


TSN have a strong connection with the Call of Duty community and are concerned the direction in which developers are designing these games. As a result of this we created ‘The Future Of Call of duty’ and ‘Infinite Ward to Remaster The Remaining Modern Warfare Titles’ petitions to get our voice heard and show both the developers and the community the pro’s & con’s. Our aim is to make sure our audience; the valued consumers are buying games that will immerse them into an enjoyable experience they have paid for.

We want to hear your voice, is there anything your unhappy about? Though we have predominantly talked about gaming, we are open to other suggestions on other tech such as software & hardware we all use on a daily basis.

Is there a change you would like to see on the Android OS? Would you like to see a better upload speed in comparison to your download speed from your internet service provider (ISP)? These are some of the areas we believe our petition would be of a good cause to the body of people we are representing. 

Reviews & Product Demonstrations

YouTube has become the main platform now for reviews and product demonstrations; they say a picture paints a thousand words, so does that mean a video illustrates millions of words…? Our YouTube tutorials have a counterpart blog neatly laid out and can be used to follow the video.

If you find it hard to follow our video reviews then do not worry, to fully take in and follow at your own pace to try to understand what are points are we had created a blog, which talks about the exact same topic as in the video.

Not only will we be discussing video games, but technology too. We want to make sure your buying tech that performs well and is affordable. Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen we are all looking for that perfect PC, camera, outdoor gear, car accessory, mobile phone, to enable us to do our daily tasks and get your bang for a buck!

We will provide a formal assessment of software and hardware technologies from different companies that suit your technological needs, along with that we will give a critical analysis of different peripherals and demonstrate why you should consider buying that product in the near future.

TSN have decided that what better way than to demonstrate modern day tech then in a professional and well-edited video showing you the ins and outs of how all these devices work and can be configured to suit your needs.

Surge Moments

We all have those prime moments of pure skill, those damn right stupidly and funny epic fails whist we are gaming wishing we could share it with the rest of the world from the amusement it brings. We offer the chance for gamers to send us their gameplay by uploading files via our contact form found here and then entered into a monthly compilation uploaded to our YouTube channel.

This is perfect for those who are struggling to increase their popularity on YouTube, if you do not have the time to contribute towards editing the footage or uploading then we will do that for you.

As a professional service, we only accept only HD footage from both consoles and PC so 720p/30FPS and above is acceptable. Please consider the length of the footage you are uploading is limited to 60 seconds and please be aware that offensive language will not be tolerated.